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Feb 02 2009 18:26 Charleston County Recycling news

I received the Charleston County recycling newsletter last week, and it brought up some questions. I emailed them and they answered -- every single question was answered, in full, in a reasonable manner. Now that's service.

First, plastic window envelopes. You can rip out the plastic and recycle the paper parts. Yay!

Then, paper with confidential information: You can shred and drop off the shredded paper at a drop-site.

So yeah, as long as the contamination is kept to a minimum, they'll accept paper in any form.

#1 and #2 plastics are only taken in bottle form because that's what the vendors want. Oh, and they don't take recyclables #3-#7 because there isn't a market for it. Shipping it elsewhere would just raise our taxes, and we won't stand for that, right?

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