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Jun 05 2009 14:47 Shibboleth 2 on Ubuntu 9.04
I recently tried to install Shibboleth as a Service Provider on Ubuntu 9.04. Shibboleth 1.3 is End-of-lifed June 2010, so the shibboleth-users mailing list advised me -- strongly -- to use Shibboleth 2. Well, Ubuntu 9.04 doesn't have the packages for it. Debian Lenny does. So here's how you get a Shibboleth 2 SP (Service Provider) on Ubunt 9.04:

Remove libapache2-mod-shib and auto-loaded packages, if you had them installed. Then, install some of the packages required by the shib2 module:

aptitude install libsaml2 unixodbc opensaml2-schemas xmltooling-schemas

and dependencies. The aptitude command will take care of the dependencies.

Download and install the following. These are the shib2 package from Debian lenny (current stable).

Or go find them yourself, since the particular versions listed are sure to be obsolete after this article is posted. You want shibboleth-sp2-schemas libshibsp1 libapache2-mod-shib2, in that order. Download the .deb files and run

dpkg -i shibboleth-sp2-schemas*.deb libshibsp1*.deb libapache2-mod-shib2*.deb

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