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Nov 03 2009 16:35 Why blog?

Someone I know said recently, "I tweeted once. Maybe twice. Then, I thought... Who in the world cares what I'm doing?". (Hi, Shaun!) I've heard similar comments from others. (Hi, Jason!)

I blog or microblog (tweet/dent) because I've got something to say. I don't care if anyone reads it. Others keep a journal or diary. Some say that a blog is totally public (true), unlike a diary. "Why should the whole world know my personal thoughts?", some say. For me, it's about the transmission -- I don't care if anyone is listening, as long as anyone *can* listen. And then there are some things I want to get out there. My soapbox, or my lectern. Variously.

As for micro-blogging, that's for more ephemeral thoughts, and to direct people to other locations such as my blog or photo album. For stuff that need not be preserved (even though it may be, I'm not the one doing it, so don't care -- stuff I care about, I try to preserve by myself). Sometimes I need to talk, for the sake of talking, for getting the thought out there. If not for microblogging, I'd be yelling over the cube walls. At least this way you can not follow me, and not be bothered.

So to those who don't want to blog, I say that's great for you. Don't stop me. Don't put me down either. (And no, this isn't directed at you, Shaun, or anyone else in particular.)

I've actually posted about this before, in "Why I blog".

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