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Jul 08 2010 19:56 Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha released for free on Steam this week. I tried it.

Over a gig for a relatively simple game? Sigh.

Two to five gigs of hard drive space? What?

4 gigs RAM? *What*? (okay, so maybe it said 2 gigs. Still: *what*?)

And then I ran it.

Slow. Sloooow. Laggy. Too laggy to play. Sorry, NASA, you lose the game development badge.

I mean it even lags on the *MENU* screen. It's always a bad sign when the menu screen lags.

I mean, good god, I'm on low-end hardware that was new in late 2009. This game is supposed to be from 2005. And it *lags*? Even Battlefield 2 is playable on this hardware.

This is about moon-walking and fixing-things with wrenches and robots. Shouldn't lag. The graphics aren't even that special; they look worse than BF2. So why does it lag? Must be something wrong in the code somewhere.

What a waste. Looked like it could have been fun.

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