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Mar 27 2011 17:56 How to reset your Linux mouse

Based on if your mouse pointer gets stuck (because your KVM switch screwed up, as mine did) and you don't want to reset because you're in the middle of a non-saveable game, you can do this in a terminal:

sudo rmmod psmouse
sudo modprobe psmouse

While you don't have a mouse, here are some handy shortcuts for use with Ubuntu and Gnome:

Switch windows. Hit once to alternate between two windows. Hold down alt and keep pressing tab to reach other windows.
Run command. You can run gnome-terminal from here to get a command line. alt-1 etc switch terminal tabs. ctrl-shift-t opens new tab.
(Firefox) search bar
(Firefox) address bar. In Firefox, Ctrl-w closes current tab, ctrl-t opens new tab, ctrl-tab cycles through tabs.

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