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Jul 20 2005 21:48 Templates and wing spars
After cutting the parts from the balsa wood planks, they were supposed to be pinned to this template. Then notches were to be cut at the places indicated. The notches are for the one-sixteenth inch square struts or stringers.
I simply held each piece in the right position and marked the 'vertical' edges of the notch. The 'horizontal' edge had already been stamped into the wood, setting the notch 'depth'. Then each pencil mark had to be laboriously sawed with a hobby knife.

Here are the wing formers. This kit allows you to build two sets of wings. One set is the extended version and the other is the swept-back version. The F-14 Tomcat has variable-geometry wings. (The Robotech Valkyries are described as F-14s on steroids.)
Wing formers
The picture shows the notches being cut -- compare the two pieces in the middle marked W5.

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