Satya's blog - Painting and gluing

Mar 07 2005 20:49 Painting and gluing
I'm just not very good at painting. The F14 was a fluke, and not a very good one. All my paint has separated into oil and pigment layers, and eitehr I get thin thinner that just wets and gives a mild version of the base color, or gives me a gob of pigment that either dries in a thick skin with bubbles, or clumps. I can't get the white paint to spread right, it runs. The light ghost gray areas (most of the model) are barely satisfactory, and the black's too matte.

Hmm, actually, the ghost gray will probably be okay after drying. I applied it with lots of strokes, so it streaked but at least it was thin but not too thin. But the streaks go away when it dries -- if it was the right consistency to begin with.

Now glue, that I've got down. I'm a long way from the days of slathering Stikfast on every surface. Just a dab of testors cement is enough. I thought the tube stuff sucked, but for anything bigger than the teeniest parts, it's better than the liquid cement -- you can't get enough of that for spreading around a bit. Besides, the liquid stuff dries too fast to spread on a large area. (Actually, it softens the plastic and then hardens it again when it dries.) The tube goo is nice for spreading around without loss of drying time. It gets tacky soon enough, but not too soon.