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Jun 04 2006 00:17 Megabloks 4 in 1

I got the Megabloks 4-in-1 kit sometime in February and built it in March. Only got around to posting the pictures and blogging about it now.

I got it pretty cheap on eBay. Mostly, I bought it for the P51 Mustang model, with the rest as a bonus. I wasn't too interested in the ship, the destroyer. But after building it, the fighter has a whee factor, the chopper is nice to start with, and the destroyer is complicted enough. The Mustang's build was just a little bit boring, but it was nice. On the whole, worth it, especially since it would have cost upwards of $100 to buy them separately -- the 40 I spent would have been for the Mustang alone.

Anyway, the pictures are on my site at

Megabloks 4-in-1 kit contains:
Model Kit number Pieces Age HeightxWidth inches (cm)
Army chopper 9786 265 8+ 4.25x18 (11x46)
Black Eagle fighter 9709 230 7+ 3.6x13.5 (9.14x34.3)
Destroyer 9762 635 7+ 10x26 (25.4x66)
P51 Mustang 9772 985 7+ 8x27 (20.3x94)
Overall 3711 2100 7+ n/a

The eBay seller nicely bagged all the models in separate ziploc bags, with the bigger ones taking two bags. Everything was present but a couple of minor pieces were missing.

The chopper was a simple and straightforward build. I like how the flat pieces built up the tail assembly. Similarly standard blocks made up the P51's graceful lines.

The Black Eagle is a bog-standard fighter, except that the wings are on hinges to give them that droopy look.

The destroyer is a waterline model -- only the stuff above the waterline is built. The hull is hollow, to save on weight and unnecessary pieces. It is open from below and the kit contains 4 wheels, which I did not use. presumably this is so you can run it on the floor while making appropriate noises with the mouth. The design is ingeniously built out of offset standard bricks to make a graceful hull.

The P51 is a thing of beauty, and so is this model. It is large and heavy and sits atop a wardrobe. It had so many grey blocks that I discovered a new way to sort the pieces -- by making big homogenous blocks of identical pieces, say all the 2x4 blocks together, I can find them faster. This model has the most realistic under-carriage of any similar kit. It doesn't retract but it does have springs.

Most of my comments about individual models are in each picture's description. But overall, typically for Megabloks, the pieces were quite standard with few special parts. Totally worth the price I paid.

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