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Feb 19 2006 08:42 Alternative Falcon
The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collection Series Millenium Falcon has some box art which indicates an alternate design model. I have no idea what it's called and the instructions don't include it. I couldn't find anything on the net except what appear to be studio pictures of it, which are the same as what's on the box.

So I decided to build it going by the picture on the box, which is hard because it's only from one angle and you can't tell what's under it. I tried to remain true to the box art but there are slight deviations. The under-side, especially, is complete guess-work.

Of course, I took pictures: Millenium Falcon alternative model. I won't post a build log here as most of what I could say (now, months after building it) is already in the picture descriptions.

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