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Jan 10 2006 21:15 Finishing the Falcon
These next few photos of the LEGO Falcon show the cockpit neck and the mandible assembly. The neck had to be re-built in a mirror image when I 'flipped' the Falcon later:
Cockpit neck

Here's the assembled neck and the parts for the right mandible. The mandibles are not quite symmetrical:
Cockpit neck and mandible parts

When I set up the pictures in the albums I forgot that the 'triangles' are called the loading mandibles. Here's a frontal view of the assembled mandible and the cargo doors:
Assembled mandible and cargo doors

And here are pictures of the complete Falcon. I'll just link to them:

Now compare the completed Falcon with the flipped model:
Complete Millenium Falcon Flipped Millenium Falcon (cockpit on other side)

Here are the parts I had to change. The cockpit was intact, bits of the mandibles had to be switched, and the 'neck' was rebuilt. And two of the top sectors were switched:
Parts for reversing the Falcon
It would be more complete if the ramp and escape pod switched places but that requires a ground-up rebuild. I might do that someday but things are going on and I built the other ship pictured on the back of the box instead -- the one for which there are no instructions (not even on the net as far as I know). I took pictures of that and they'll be up someday, too.

As always, the pictures link to the larger images.

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