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Jun 27 2005 08:14 LEGO Star Wars Mini kits
I bought these two LEGO mini kits at a glorified flea market.
LEGO Star Wars Mini kits. 4488 (Millenium Falcon) and 4494 (Imperial
Shuttle) boxes. Falcon and Shuttle

Then I found that one of them has extra parts that produce one-quarter of a Y-Wing model. So I went back to buy the other three that give parts for the rest of the Y-Wing. It turned out that these kits are out of stock at Amazon and at LEGO's web site, so I bought the other three available models as well. So, a total of 8 models at $2.99 each.
Other 6 kits AT-AT, Gunship, MTT, (Y-Wing), Star Destroyer, Sith Infiltrator, and AT-TE

Here's a list of the kits:
4488Millenium FalconY-Wing engine
4489AT-ATY-Wing cockpit
4490Republic GunshipY-Wing body
4491MTTY-Wing engine
4492Star Destroyer 
4493Sith Infiltrator 
4494Imperial Shuttle 

These are nice, small, kits. Each one can be finished in about 15 minutes. They have mostly standard parts, plus a few non-standard ones like radar dishes painted to resemble the top of the Falcon, cockpit window parts, etc. And what's with the bristling guns on the AT-AT and the AT-TE?

LEGO kits these days seem to contain a lot of non-standard parts, so you can't build anything else useful from that kit. (At least from what I can see on the packaging.) But these do contain mostly standard parts.

Imperial Shuttle Millenium Falcon MTT Republic Gunship
If you look at the other picture of the Republic Gunship, you'll see a tail-like antenna on the back.

The Star Destroyer kept falling apart during construction because the back was only held on by 2 bumps till a later stage. Clever use of tilting pieces and triangles to give it that sloped look.
Star Destroyer Sith Infiltrator
The Sith Infiltrator has a new shade of blue.

Y-Wing components Y-Wing

More pictures available in the image gallery, of course.

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