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Sep 30 2006 21:34 Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter

A few months ago I got this Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter by AMT ERTL. I found it in Ross stores.

I unboxed it and immediately (well, okay, I thought about it a bit) sprayed the interiors some kind of silver/metallic/aluminium color. Then I highlighted some of it in black. This was mainly the cockpit interior.

The best was was the painting of the panels with a black paint pen. First draw along the inset border, then fill in the rest. Real easy and fun. And that simple thing makes the model look really good.

After fitting together some fiddly small pieces I put the main parts together. I'd already read reviews about how the parts don't fit well, leaving ugly seams. I don't care, it looks good enough for me. Though I misaligned the 'wings' slightly. It's only noticable when placed on a flat surface. Yes, this thing sits quite well on its wings (I used superglue as well as regular plastic cement on various parts) but it also comes with a pair of silly legs. Even the regular TIE fighter is supposed to be structurally sound enough to park itself on the panels.

The pictures link to the image album, as always.

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