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Aug 31 2005 13:35 Wing stripes
The four wings of the X-Wing fighter model have 2 decals each to represent the stripes and L-shaped area. After the sucecss with the canopy, I decided to try painting the stripes instead of using decals.

The wings had already been hit with a coat of white at this point. I should have sprayed them red first, then masked off the stripe area and sparyed on the final white coat. So I ignored the white I'd already done, and just hit it with flat red on the wing surfaces that have stripes. Then I pasted on the masking tape and drew pencil lines where I thought the edges would go. Then I cut along the pencil lines and peeled off the excess tape. It looked crude, but if you squint at it, it looks pretty good.

Masking the stripes Masked stripes

Then I sprayed on the final white coat. The stripes became almost invisible, but on removing the masking tape I got nice red stripes! There was a little bleed from the white paint, though, and I didn't cut the lines as straight as I should have.

Masked stripes Finished stripes

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