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Aug 18 2005 13:23 AMT/ERTL Star Wars X-Wing
Tofu gave me an X-Wing model and then I went and bought another. This is my third X-wing now.
X-Wing box

This is a ca.2005 re-release of the AMT/ERTL kit that Tofu gave me. This one does not include paint, is molded in gray, and has different box art. It also includes a 5"x7" "poster", which isn't much more than a postcard.

I was going to use airbrushes on this one, but I talked myself into spray cans instead. They're slightly cheaper, but cause a lot more overspray. Here are pictures of the engine pods and random engine parts:
Engine pods for the X-Wing Random X-Wing engine parts
(Notice the overspray in the second picture.)

As always, the pictures are linked to larger-sized versions. The picture gallery is at and more pictures and commentary will be added... whenever.

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