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Apr 30 2005 12:00 In Cherokee, NC
Continuing the account of the North Carolina trip, Sunday April 17, 2005.

Woke up, ate some of the packed stuff, and drove into downtown Cherokee. It's a bunch of gift shops. Bought some stuff. I wanted to buy windchimes, but the wooden set I liked were all made in Indonesia. If I go somewhere, the souvenirs I buy should be made there, eh? Bought some coffee mug, fridge magnet type of stuff.

The visitor's center was a gold mine: I found excellent DoT-type maps of North and South Carolina, which later saved my butt.

There was a chairlift in the middle of downtown -- which is in the middle of hills. So we went up. A little scary at first, your legs hang over nothing but a river, a road, the hillside.... Anyway the view from the top was okay:
Top of Cherokee chairlift

Coming down:
Cherokee chairlift

We wandered around for a while looking for authentic Native American food, didn't find any, tried for Chinese buffet, found it closed, and ate at Big Boy where we got the most expensive per ounce burgers in the world. At least McDonald's lived up to expectations. Lots of places were closed. Sigh.

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