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Jul 08 2010 19:56 Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha released for free on Steam this week. I tried it.

Over a gig for a relatively simple game? Sigh.

Two to five gigs of hard drive space? What?

4 gigs RAM? *What*? (okay, so maybe it said 2 gigs. Still: *what*?)

And then I ran it.

Slow. Sloooow. Laggy. Too laggy to play. Sorry, NASA, you lose the game development badge.

I mean it even lags on the *MENU* screen. It's always a bad sign when the menu screen lags.

I mean, good god, I'm on low-end hardware that was new in late 2009. This game is supposed to be from 2005. And it *lags*? Even Battlefield 2 is playable on this hardware.

This is about moon-walking and fixing-things with wrenches and robots. Shouldn't lag. The graphics aren't even that special; they look worse than BF2. So why does it lag? Must be something wrong in the code somewhere.

What a waste. Looked like it could have been fun.

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Jul 02 2010 07:27 Youtube on Roku

Assuming you have a local web server.

Step 1. Get Roksbox

Step 2. Go to Youtube, login, create a playlist (as many as you want).

Step 3. Get the alphanumeric ID of the playlist.

Step 4. Go to and plugin the ID.

Step 5. Add the resulting URL to the roksbox videoqueue.xml file. (See roksbox docs for info.)

Step 6. Add whatever you want to the playlist.

Step 7. Enjoy!

From that link, you can also get the code.

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