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Sep 22 2005 15:57 Internet meme
Time for another meme. Post your answers to your blog:
  • Where is my blog hosted? On my web site, mirror at livejournal.
  • Blog software? Blograp
  • Pictures hosted at? My web site, using Bins
  • Email? My mail server, imaps and mutt as the client
  • Browser? Firefox
  • RSS? Bloglines
  • Picture repository? (Flickr, etc.) On my own damn box
  • Chat or IM protocols and clients? Jabber with Gaim, Yahoo and MSN if I have to.
  • P2P? None
  • Anti-virus? Linux. AVG on Windows
  • Music player? xmms
  • Search engine? Google, usually with Firefox's search bar
  • Social bookmarking?
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Sep 18 2005 22:03 Ocean's Twelve
Saw Ocean's Twelve. The plot isn't quite as unified as 11, and focuses more on Pitt/Clooney/Roberts/Damon. Some very unexpected and one extremely funny plot twist. Must be seen twice to understand completely. Overall, as good as Ocean's 11 and 4 on 5.

(Linus was right, Tess does look a little like... well never mind.)

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Sep 14 2005 09:19 Classic Satya code
Classic Satya code:
    my $ident = $username->{'identity'};

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Sep 08 2005 22:49 Coincidentally, the Hudson
Coincidentally, Fine Art Models has the same number NYC Hudson locomotive that I have -- except their's is super-detailed and a lot better than mine and costs $9500 to buy.

Update: They're both number 5405, if that wasn't clear.

Last updated: Sep 08 2005 22:53

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Sep 08 2005 19:21 Go
Just saw the movie _Go_. It wa spretty okay. Started off badly but it all hung together in the end. A bit like _Snatch_ and _Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels_. No Jason Statham, though. Instead, Breckin Meyer, Taye Diggs, Katie Holmes, and others. And a less convoluted story-line.

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Sep 06 2005 20:17 The Untouchables
I saw _The Untouchables_ recently, starring Sean Connery and Kevin Costner. It was pretty good. I got the DVD from either the library or Netflix. but now it's going to be on TV. That is fine, I'd rather watch it on DVD with no ads interrupting. But it always happens, right after I see a movie on DVD, it's on TV.

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Sep 04 2005 15:07 Babylon 5
Nice of them to show a shuttle's nose actually glowing red when it made a steep descent into atmosphere -- without having it be a plot point. But who sends the CO *and* XO of a diplomatic space station on a dangerous mission on the same shuttle?