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Jan 13 2006 19:42 Tomcat cockpit area
The Guillow Tomcat's cockpit area is a flat, black base on which the tops of the instrument clusters and seats are mounted. The canopy is a clear plasti piece about 3 inches long.

Following Swanny's canopy masking tips, but not to the letter, I applied masking tape to the canopy and cut away the area covering the "struts". I did a pretty sloppy job of that -- too much tape, un-sharp knife -- and so when I sprayed the paint and removed the tape, I got this:
Tomcat canopy

The seats are so small that I had to smear wood glue on them before cutting them from the balsa templates. That's why there's a yellow tinge in the pictures. After the four pieces of each seat were glued together, I painted them black with a paint pen.
Tomcat cockpit seats

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