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Dec 08 2005 14:57 Tomcat stabilisers and rudders
The balsa F14 stabilisers and rudders were pinned to the plan and built. They're just flat bits. Then I made a mistake. I added the parts R4 to the stabilisers like this:
Stabilisers with incorrect R4 pieces

But they're meant for the rudders! By the time I realised this the R4s has bonded to the stabilisers. So I traced them onto some spare balsa sheet cut them out, and sanded them to shape. Then I sanded off the incorrect R4s from the stabilisers and glued the new ones to the rudders.
Incorrect and new R4s Correct rudders

Notice that the rudders are "pointy" in "front" while the stabilisers have an extra angle at the "back".

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