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Dec 27 2005 11:23 Building the LEGO Falcon
The building instructions for the LEGO Millenium Falcon, like all modern LEGO instructions, show you the pieces required for each step. That way you don't miss the single piece that's at the other end of the model from the main area that the step is concentrating on. You also don't spend time looking for pieces while building a step.

Here we see the floor of the Falcon. The front is to the left of the picture. The boarding ramp mechanism is near the top and the bottom rectangle is going to be open. That's where the escape pod fits. Some people have mentioned that this weakens the structure. I agree the "real" Falcon would be weakened but the model is fine -- it has other structural problems, in the roof.
Millenium Falcon building process
Since the ramp mechanism is built so early, it is well-integrated in the structure and that makes it hard to completely "flip" it as I did later.

The ramp mechanism is quite clever: pull on the docking port and the plate is levered downward:
Millenium Falcon boarding ramp mechanism Falcon's broading ramp mechanism

Here we see the interior. On the left is the game table and on the right is the hyperdrive and engine room. The center square is the top quad-laser mount. This model does not have a bottom quad-laser.
Falcon interior

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