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Dec 31 2005 22:08 LEGO Millenium Falcon - middle and top
Here we see the LEGO Millenium Falcon's engine room and crew area. The infamous hyperdrive and the famous game table. The sides of the Falcon are made with some cheater pieces (the black bits and the brown bits). It gets pretty fragile from here on. One question: when the escape pod isn't there, what's containing the air pressure? Hangar-style force fields?
Falcon engine room, hyperdrive Millenium Falcon crew area

Here's the (presumably fake) port docking port. It swings up to release the escape pod. You can also see the detail that makes up the edge of the saucer section. The starboard docking port is for real and also contains the boarding ramp and associated mechanism. That's in the background, behind the cockpit access corridor which in the model ends in a blank wall because of the way the cockpit structure is constructed. It sort-of "hooks" onto the central quad laser mount.
Falcon port-side docking port and escape pod Millenium Falcon cockpit access

And now the top is being constructed. It just consists of a bunch of tall triangles on hinges. Very fragile. The docking ports could be made to hook onto the center column with a couple of flat plates but they haven't done that. At least the fragility of the radar dish is true to the films.
Building the top of the Millenium Falcon Falcon top

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